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Armed Forces Proxy Marriages

Military Benefits

A Montana Double Proxy Marriage is a legal and binding marriage, entitling you to all the benefits of any other married couple. For military personnel, the benefits go above and beyond those of ordinary citizens. Here are a few of the advantages:

VA Home Loans

Spouses of enlisted military personnel are eligible for VA home loans.

Free Legal Assistance

Offered by the JAG Corps.

Survivor Benefits

A non-enlisted spouse and her/his children may remain in government housing for one year, or, alternatively, relocate to private residence and receive one year of Basic Allowance for Housing.

Death Gratuity (Life Insurance)

Offering $100,000 in Coverage.

Dependency & Indemnity Compensation

Flat-rate monthly payments to compensate for cost of living increases which are caused due to deployment to a more-expensive locale.

Educational Scholarships, Loans, Grants

For both spouses and dependent children.

Montgomery GI Bill Test Program

An enlisted soldier can transfer 50% of his or her tuition assistance entitlement to the spouse.

Marriage Enrichment Retreats

Weekend retreats for couples, with all expenses paid by the military.

Armed Forces Recreation Resorts

These are luxury resorts operated by the military, for the benefit of military families, at popular vacation destinations (e.g. Disneyland, tropical beachfront resorts, ski lodges, etc.), which offer free or low-cost vacation options for military marriages and families.

Free Military Air Travel

(Space-A Travel) Contingent upon space being available on military flights, spouses and children of enlisted personnel may travel for free or at reduced prices.

The Exchange

A tax-free department store with prices that are usually 20% or more below regular stores.

The Commissary

A tax-free grocery store which often allows military families to save 30%, or more, each and every year.

Military Discounts

Many private and public vendors provide a large number of discounts, not only to enlisted personnel, but to their spouses and children as well.

Numerous Other Benefits

There are too many marriage benefits to list them all on this website.